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Steelmark have a proud history of over 40 years of fabricating steel products for a wide range of customers from tier 1 builders to small mum and dad operations.

In an ever changing industry Steelmark has evolved again to provide high quality, high value premium bollards for distribution throughout Australia.

From humble beginnings as a family business operating under the name 'Commercial and Domestic Steel Fabrication', the company has grown into a sophisticated enterprise, servicing Tier 1 and 2 construction companies on numerous projects throughout South East Queensland.

In 2009 we changed our name to Steelmark, representing a fresh start to focus on a modern, commercial and quality-assured approach as moved we into specialty work.

Our expertise is now focused in one specific area. Designing and manufacturing high quality bollards for sale/supply and distribution in Australia.



We guarantee to get the job right, to deliver quality workmanship on time, every time.

We can confidently offer this guarantee because our highly skilled team works with you every step of the way, ensuring potential problems are solved before they take effect.

From carparks, basements, public areas, secure sites, equipment preservation and building protection Steelmark has the right bollard for the right position.

We understand the pressures of project managers and contractors to provide a quality product with tight deadlines. We help you keep those deadlines, keep your client and keep your budget intact

It is our long history as a steel contractor that provides us with a unique understanding of the requirements of the industry pressures and motivates us to deliver where others can not.