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Electric Vehicle Charging At Home

Home charging has to be easy, quick and efficient. When you get home from your long day at work, the long road trip the last thing you want to worry about is having to recharge your car. It should be a simple task you don’t have to even think about just plug it in and let the charger do the rest.

You might have some Questions so let us explain the most important ones like,

Why Do I Even Need a Home Car Charger?

What types of chargers are there and how do I choose one?

Apart from the overall benefits like, more fun to drive, lower total cost of ownership, convenience, less maintenance, Good for the environment, no more fuel bills the real benefit comes from the convenience and speed in which your vehicle can be charged and back ready for use.

The Types of Chargers available on the market typically are outlined below,

(Slow) 3.6kw (10-15 Amp Single Phase) Charging cable.

This typically comes with most new EVs that plug into your standard power point at home, these are slow only providing between 10-20km of range per charging hour. This type of charger is handy to have in the boot to top up charge but is not enough to fully charge a typical vehicle overnight.

(Fast) 7KW Single Phase Home Chargers

Most homes use a 7KW single phase charger unless they have three phase power available. A 7kw charger will produce 40Km of range per hour charging, depending on the vehicle type. Most people travel an average of 40-100km per day so this will provide your daily average within 1-2 hours of charge or fully recharge overnight.

(Fast) 22KW Three Phase Home and Commercial Chargers

If you home has three phase power available you can befit from a 22kw three phase charger giving you the quickest charge available within a residential home. Typically three phase power is found in commercial properties and business were power consumption is high. A 22kw three phase charger will produce 120km of range per hour of charge or a full charge overnight.

(Rapid) 25kw – 350kw DC Commercial and Public Chargers

Rapid Charge Commercial charges will only be typically found in commercial premises or at road side public charging stations. These can produce anything from 150Km per hour of charge to a fully charged vehicle in 10 to 15min.

Steelmarks range of 7.4kw Home chargers below have been designed to sit perfectly in the happy medium and come in both single phase and three phase, depending on the power supply you have in your residence.

Tip: 95% of electric cars are charged at home or work. Only 5% utilise DC charging stations. So make sure you have convenient access to a charging station.