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Price Beat Guarantee.

Full Range

Steelmark supplies the full range of facility safety products to our clients all across Australia. Our products are back by professional product knowledge and customer service.

Australia Wide Delivery

We freight our products out daily to destinations all around Australia. Our first class ordering system will provided estimated time of arrival and tracking details.

Hassel Free Ordering

Our mission is to take the hassle out of ordering facility safety products by providing a first class ordering system with first class customer service.

Testimonials 1
Steelmark Testimonials

"Steelmark has been fantastic to deal with. They always answered all queries in a professional and timely manner. The quality of bollards and time frames provided kept us on track with our tight construction programs. I purchased 165 in ground bollards which we used in our McDonalds projects throughout Melbourne like Cheltenham, Geelong Central and Kangaroo Flat. We are 100% sure to use Steelmark again as they are one of the most reliable companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with.'

Tracey Disantedicola
Project Co-ordinator
Testimonials 5
Steelmark Testimonials

I am very happy with the service provided by Steelmark. I ordered two 140mm round base plate powder coated bollards to use at a small shopping centre in Tannum Sands Qld. They had a very easy to use, streamlined quote/ invoice system and I was able to make payment easily online. The products were shipped very quickly and came straight to my office door. The fixings provided were easy to install and the whole job was one of the smoothest we have completed. I would recommend their products and service to anyone seeking safety products online.

Aaron Noller
Project Co-ordinator
Testimonials 2
Steelmark Testimonials

"Service with Steelmark has been fantastic! Constant communication via email and phone call made me feel reassured we would be looked after and the product would be delivered on time. Once our payment was made, shipping was instant and the product looks great at our sites in Maryville NSW, Mt. Waverley and Thomastown in Victoria. We have used Steelmark thrice so far and if we need further product, they will be our first point of contact."

Marissa Edwards
PA to General Counsel
Testimonials 3
Steelmark Testimonials

“We like Steelmark because of their value for money and quick delivery. We purchased 165mm square base plate bollards and used it in RAAF Base Richmond. Their finished products are nice and it complements our own work. We will definitely use Steelmark again for future projects”

Tim Jarman
Project Manager
Testimonials 4
Steelmark Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that your online payment method and service is the best I have come across.
Easy to use

Bob Scattini
Project Manager
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Clients We’ve Worked With

Why is Facility Safety important?


Steelmark understands the need for quality Facility Safety products to be supplied around Australia, this is why Steelmark has spent countless hours putting together the best products to suit.

The Facility Safety range has been put together using the highest quality essential products to protect property and pedestrians like, Cable Protectors, Reflective and Anti-Slip tapes, Traffic Cones, barriers, Trucks and Trolleys  and more. Steelmark’s trained staff have spent countless hours researching the best range of car park protection products to suit the harsh Australian environment. This allows Steelmark to provide the market not just products but quality products backed up by product knowledge to suit our client’s needs in both project budgets and quality assurance.

What are Cable Protectors?

Cable protectors are designed to prevent valuable cables, hoses and wires from being stepped on, tripped over or driven over. These are hump fixtures that have spaces underneath them, which are capable of holding a number of cables. Cable protectors are the perfect way to organise and protect cables yet leads for use in temporary and permanent locations. Cable covers not only keep an area tidy but will reduce any risks of overheating and disconnections from tugging as well as reducing the risk of trips and falls. You can find further information on Cable protector in our Cable Protector category. Product data sheets and installation guides can be provided upon request.

What are Reflective Tapes used for?

Reflective Tapes are durable, high-strength adhesive used to clearly mark areas or objects, providing a reflective light that is cast off the tape. Reflective safety tape is pressure-sensitive, engineering grade and can stand up to adverse weather conditions, including moisture and heat. Please visit Steelmark range of Reflective Tapes for further information and product data sheets.

What are Anti-Slip tapes?

Anti-slip Tapes are designed to prevent falls, slip and accidents in slippery areas. These tapes increase the friction between a person’s shoes and the ground’s surface, hence helps prevent slipping. This kind of tape can be used in all sorts of workplaces ranging from manufacturing facilities and warehouses to hospitals and schools

What are the purpose of Traffic Cones?

Traffic cones are usually cone-shaped indicators or markers on the road to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. These are mostly used outdoors to separate or merge lanes to assist road construction projects or if an accident had occurred. In some cases, traffic cones are used to block off an area for the safety of pedestrians. Some traffic cones are fitted with reflective tape to increase visibility for night time use and some also comes with flashing lights for the same reason. You can find further information on Traffic Cones in our Traffic Cones category. Product data sheets and installation guides can be provided upon request.

Uses for Trucks & Trolleys?

Both Trucks and Trolleys are designed to transport heavy things much more easier and convenient. Trolleys come in a different sizes with different layers to suit needs. Please visit Steelmark range of Trolleys for further information and product data sheets.