In Ground Bollards

The quality of our cast in ground bollards continually exceed the design requirements sort after by engineers, Architects and builders.

Price Beat Guarantee.

Steelmark Bollards Are Fully Hot Dip Galvanised First

Then Powder Coated Yellow For Maximum Corrosive Resistance.


How to Choose the Best In-Ground Bollards For Your Building

Bollards are everywhere. You see them so often that you no longer notice them. They’re the posts that you see alongside sidewalks, outside buildings, and so on. They’re the barrier that protects properties and pedestrians from impact in case of a car crash.

The most common type of bollard is the in-ground bollard. Also known as surface-mounted bollards, they’re barriers that are permanently installed into the concrete. Although they’re already crash-resistant, embedding them enhances their strength so that people and properties are safe at all times.

Purchasing In-Ground Bollards

In-ground bollards are permanently placed into the ground. Installing in-ground bollards involves digging a hole into the concrete and securing them through a base plate. That said, it’s a complicated process that requires a certain degree of expertise.

So, before you buy a surface-mounted bollard, it’s important to determine the type of in-ground bollard that you need.
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