Parking Protection

The parking protection bollard range is always expanding to meet our clients needs and expectations.

Price Beat Guarantee.

Steelmark Bollards Are Fully Hot Dip Galvanised First

Then Powder Coated Yellow For Maximum Corrosive Resistance.


Steelmarks Pivot bollard has been designed and constructed to keep the end user in mind. Our Pivot bollard not only ensure your car space or asset is protected its design also keeps in mind the usability aspects that Steelmark understands. This design provides our clients with the easiest pivot bollard to use in the Australian market. Steelmark has taken the time to understand their clients and how to make life easier. The locking Lab is at the very top of the bollard allowing our clients to stay on there feet without the need of getting down on your knees to handle the padlock and unlock the bollard. Just stay on your feet and simply unlock the padlock and slide the locking tab and the bollard will pivot 90 degrees towards the ground allowing your vehicle to drive over the top. Each of Steelmarks bollards are fully wrapped in plastic and packaged with individual boxing to ensure you have no worries receiving the bollards onsite undamaged but also have the piece of mind onsite with the addition of the plastic wrapping keeping them safe until the project is complete. Steelmarks mission is to take the hassle out of ordering bollards so each bollard also comes with 4 x through bolt fixings to ensure the Job is quick and easy.