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 40 years of fabricating steel products now providing Australias highest quality, best priced bollards.

Fast Delivery, Australia Wide.

Fast Delivery, Australia Wide.

Powder coating

All our steel bollards are fully hot dipped and galvanised to ensure the best quality corrosive resistants available. We then fully powder coat each bollard using a high performance powder to create a thick uniform coating that is resistant to cracks, chips and peeling. This process involves the galvanised surface being meticulously prepared to unsure there are no bubbles or sharp edges that will show through the finished powder coated surface and allow optimal adhesion. The powder coating process involves applying dry powder to the treated hot dip galvanised surface and then electrically charging the powder that creates an electrostatic attraction, binding the material together and creating the hard smooth and durable finish Steelmark prides itself on producing.

Hot dipped galvanised and fully powder coated safety yellow bollards are the industry’s most commonly used bollard as they have capabilities to be concrete filled to structurally reinforce the impact aspect while maintaining the highest level of visual deterrent in safety yellow. Steelmark recommends our safety yellow bollard range as these stand out from the rest as the industry leader in not only quality but also stand out in busy surroundings providing a strong vehicle deterrent while still allowing clear pedestrian flow.

With 40 years’ experience in the construction industry Steelmark understands the quality clients and builders expect onsite once installed and throughout the duration of the project. With this understanding Steelmark has produced a leading packaging design to ensure the quality powder coated finish is maintained from placement of order till arrival onsite and even until final completion of your project. All our bollards are completely wrapped in clear plastic wrapping once unpacked from the transport box so once installed onsite the powder coated finish is protected from building debris so there is no costly returning for defects to clean, just unwrap and walk away.

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