Galvanized Steel Bollards

Steelmarks Galvanised range of bollards cater for the most commonly used sizes within the industry. We pride our self on keeping up with current industry requirements and quality expectations. Galvanised bollards are a no frills industrial long lasting bollard that provides a visual and impact deterrent for ram-raids and asset protection.  All our bollards are manufactured to the highest quality with the highest quality materials.

Hot dip galvanising is a process that requires specialists to prep and completely submerge the product into a molten zinc enriched liquid vat that maintains an even coating and thickness over the entire product. This process produces a finish that is extremely corrosive resistant while maintaining a cost effective long lasting product.

Steelmark galvanised base plate and in ground bollards are long lasting, hard wearing, rust resistant and can also be concrete filled to reinforce its structural capabilities.

With 40 years’ experience in the construction industry Steelmark understands the quality clients and builders expect onsite once the bollards have been installed and throughout the duration of the project. With this understanding Steelmark has produced a leading packaging design to ensure the quality galvanised finish is maintained from placement of order till arrival onsite and even until final completion of your project. All our bollards are completely wrapped in clear plastic wrapping once unpacked from the transport box so once installed onsite the galvanised finish is protected from building debris so there is no costly returning for cleaning defects, just unwrap and walk away.