Stainless Steel Bollards

Steelmarks stainless steel range of base plate and in ground bollards have been designed and manufactured to accommodate the leading industry requirements and design aspects. Aesthetically our range lends itself to all public and industrial settings with the clean smooth look architects come to only expect while maintaining pedestrian flow and most important vehicle impact intrusion.

Stainless steel bollards in 304 material with a satin finish is one of the most common products on the market. Steelmarks range of stainless steel bollards contain only the best 316 stainless steel material with a satin finish to allow our bollards to be installed in all landscapes including the highly corrosive coastal areas.

The detail maintained by our highly trained staff and quality controlled process ensures Steelmarks ability to produce the highest quality, best priced 316 stainless steel bollards on the market. With our 40 years manufacturing and site experience pushes us to only expect the very best of materials and quality finishes.

Steelmarks Stainless steel 316 bollards are the highest corrosive-resistant material, low maintenance material that we recommend will make your building or carpark stand out and deter all vehicles intrusion to staff, public or valuable assets.

With 40 years’ experience in the construction industry Steelmark understands the quality clients and builders expect onsite once installed and throughout the duration of the project. With this understanding Steelmark has produced a leading packaging design to ensure the quality stainless steel finish is maintained from placement of order till arrival onsite and even until final completion of your project. All our bollards are completely wrapped in clear plastic wrapping once unpacked from the transport box so once installed onsite the stainless steel finish is protected from building debris so there is no costly returning for cleaning defects, just unwrap and walk away.

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