Speed Cushion | 50mm | Left Cap | Fixings Included

Speed Cushion | 50mm | Left Cap | Fixings Included

$35.00 + GST


Drastically reduce speed with the 50mm traffic calming cushion, ideally suited for fast food drive through outlets, hospitals and shopping centres where it is desirable to slow down traffic due to high presence of pedestrians.

  • Centre sections fit together to span the width of any road
  • Safe for emergency vehicles
  • Embedded yellow tape is highly visible
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Can withstand truck traffic
  • Encourages safe driving speeds
  • 2 x 12mm fastening holes with a 30mm rebate. Speed Cushion End Cap left hand module

Free Fixings Included (Please indicate which type upon order)

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Recycled Rubber


250mm x 900mm x 50mm


9 Kg

Free Fixings Included:

WEDGE ANCHOR M16 x 12mm Drop-In wedge anchor with 30mm washer for fixing to concrete
ROAD SPIKE 200 M12 x 200mm Road Spike for fixing to asphalt/bitumen over base course

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