Removable Bollards

Protect Your Valuable Assets Today!

Removable Bollards

Protect Your Valuable Assets Today!

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Steelmark Bollards Are Fully Hot Dip Galvanised First

Then Powder Coated Yellow For Maximum Corrosive Resistance.


Removable Bollard Buying Guide

Removable bollards are used to restrict vehicles from entering a designated area to protect people and property. They are easily installed and removed when a particular event is over. For instance, a particular street has no entry during the day and is open after sunset. Removable bollards can be placed in the daytime to restrict traffic and removed in the evening. Bollards create safer spaces and protect people and infrastructure from moving traffic. They can also be used as guideposts or boundary markers.

Purchasing a Removable Bollards

Once you have identified your security requirement, you should find a reliable vendor who will be able to help you make the final choice. It is important to find a contractor who will be able to install the bollards. Make sure that you also have some sort of AMC who will do regular checks and maintenance of the removable bollard.

Different Removable Bollard Types & Features

There are four types of bollards – telescopic, removable, automatic, and fixed. Bollards are further split into two groups – High security and domestic security. High-security bollards are used in high-risk areas like government buildings, high-density residential areas, commercial complexes, etc. Domestic bollards are less robust as it is at the end of your driveway and no threat is expected. Bollards are available in a broad range of styles, materials, finishes, and colours.

Bollards come in various colours to increase visibility. These also come in interesting designs to catch your attention. Cast bollards have traditional architecture, while stainless steel bollards have modern and contemporary designs.

How To Choose A Removable Bollard

Before you buy a bollard, it is essential for you to correctly gauge what type of security arrangement you need for your property. Buy the bollard that fits your security concern. You can also opt for removable bollards if you have pipes or electrical wiring under the driveway that will limit how deep you can dig into the ground without damaging the utilities.

Removable bollards are preferred since they need a much shallower foundation. Instead of telescopic bollards, it is better to have removable bollards that can safely be removed and stored. Generally, you need to dig in up to 20cm to install removable bollards.

Removable bollard Locations

Wheel Stop is present in removable bollards Sydney, removable bollards Melbourne, and all Australian capital cities and Gold coast.