Installation Services

Providing quality Installation Services to businesses around Australia

Installation Services

Providing quality Installation Services to businesses around Australia

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Same Day Dispatch

Full Range

Steelmark supplies the full range of Bollards, Car Park Protection and Facility Safety products to our clients all across the country. Our products are backed by professional product knowledge and customer service.

Australia Wide Delivery

We freight our products out daily to destinations all around the country. Our first-class ordering system will provide an estimated time of arrival and tracking details.

Hassel Free Ordering

Our mission is to take the hassle out of ordering facility safety products by providing a first class ordering system with first class customer service.

Speed Hump Installation Guide

Speed Hump Standard

  •  Speed Hump should comply with the current standard AS/NZS 2890:1:2004
  • Type 2 Speed Humps are appropriate for use in outdoor car parks, multi-level car parks and drive ways etc. to further check the speed of vehicles travelling at 30m/h or less
  • Standards approved Speed Humps must have a 1:2 ramp angle and be flat on the top, not less than 100mm and not exceeding 150mm
  • Markings for Speed Hump modules are to be in 250mm stripes of Black & Yellow or Black & White
  •  An accessible path of minimum of 1 meter is required from both ends of each Speed Hump line for pedestrian & wheelchair access
  •  Our complaint Speed Humps 60mm & 70mm sizes meet the above standards

Fixing Speed Hump to asphalt / bitumen surfaces over metal base-course

  • Use our 12 x 200mm asphalt Road Spike
  • use a 10mm masonry drill to drill a pilot hole 180mm deep
  • Sweep away any debris to ensure that the area is clear of dust & grit
  •  Use a construction adhesive/epoxy and squirt 10 mills down the hole and 10ml around the top of the hole to prevent the pins from moving over time
  •  Using a club hammer tap the asphalt spikes down into the recessed area
  •  Two fastenings are required per 250mm module

Fixing Speed Humps onto concrete surfaces

  •  Use our M16 x 50mm Wedge Anchor with 12mm set bolt & 30mm washer
  • Use a 16mm masonry drill to drill a 55mm deep hole
  • Blow out the dust down the hole with compressed air
  • Sweep away debris to ensure that the area is free of dust and grit
  • Tap the Wedge Anchor down the hole and lock in place by sing a setting tool to punch the wedge in the base of the fixing to prevent it turning in the concrete
  • Fix the 12mm Set Bolt and washer to the anchor and tighten
  • Two fastenings are required per 250mm module

Please call us for Speed Hump Installation Data Sheet.



Testimonials 1

“We like Steelmark because of their value for money and quick delivery. We purchased 165mm square base plate bollards and used it in RAAF Base Richmond. Their finished products are nice and it complements our own work. We will definitely use Steelmark again for future projects”.

Tim Jarman
Project Manager of Avionics Airfield Lightning

Testimonials 2

"Steelmark has been fantastic to deal with. They always answered all queries in a professional and timely manner..We are 100% sure to use Steelmark again as they are one of the most reliable companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with.'

Marissa Edwards
PA to General Counsel of DAIKIN Australia

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Why Steelmark?

  • We love bollards
  • We only do bollards
  • We are dedicated to the highest quality
  • We have the best value for money bollards in Australia
  • We are a 100% Australian owned company.

Steelmark started its life as a general purpose fabricator over 30 years ago as Commercial and Domestic Steel Fabricators. When the naughties came along we felt a name change to Steelmark Australia was a positive move and we have moved from strength to strength.

Over the years we have completed work from small domestic work to 12 month million dollar contracts for the top tier one builders in Australia.

While other companies try to stock hundreds of different items Steelmark only sells bollards. This singular focus pushes us to only produce the best quality bollards on the market. Our experience has taught us how to fabricate bollards to the highest standard and our total package is presented with the end user / installer.  We put in the extra work that other companies do not.

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